Playing great pool starts before you even step out the door. Check this list of must haves  against what is in your pool case.

  1. Glove  A glove can help the cue stick to move smoothly and easily through or on your bridge hand. Provides a consistent bridge every time.
  2. Towel A towel comes in handy for many things. For example; you can wipe your cue and hands if your hands are a little sweaty; You can clean the cue ball or other balls; You can apply Que Cleaner or whatever polish you might have to your towel. 
  3. Bridge Most places either don't have enough bridges or some of them are in bad shape. There are many different models of bridge heads available that will fit on the end of your break cue. Find one you like and bring it with you to every pool night. 
  4. Personal chalk   - It could cause a miscue if the chalk provided is bad quality, is old and worn out, or few to be found. Bringing your own chalk guarantees that you will have chalk that you like and are confident about.
  5. Chalk holder - Go a step further and bring a chalk holder, this guarantees that no one else will use it. It is handy and you won't have to look for it.
  6. Ear Plugs – If you are bothered by loud noise get some ear plus. 
  7. Personal Pool Cues - Playing with your own personal cue builds consistency and is an advantage. 
  8. Cue Holder – There are many different shapes and sizes of cue holders available. Most are designed to fit on or against a table or ledge. Most of these are made of hard rubber and have grooves to lean your cue up against. 
  9. Jump Cue - If you don't know how to jump there is no time like the present to learn.  Get one and start jumping. 
  10. Break Cue - Protect your playing cue, usually with a harder tip to heavier than a regular playing cue. 

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