CANCELLED Kelowna Ogopogo Open 1st Annual



It is with great sadness that Okanagan Pool players along with our sponsors Diamond Billiards Canada, Bad Boys BP and have to inform all players that we will be unable to move forward with this years Ogopogo Open.

We have been working diligently to ensure that we followed all Covid-19 protocols and made it as safe as possible for all players.
However, one thing we weren't able to account for is a lack of interest.
Due to limited entries (specifically in the teams department) we are unable to move forward with this event financially.
We would require the equivalent of a minimum of 15 teams to enter today in order to warrant us moving forward.

We wish to thank all players who did sign up and sincerely apologize for any inconvenience that this cancellation brings.
Trust us when we say that this is the very last thing we wanted to happen.

All entries will be refunded 100% as per the players guide. Please allow us some time to get these entries returned to all players.
Refunds should start appearing within 3-4 days but may take up to a 10 days to process everyone.

Hopefully next year, Covid-19 wont be as much of a deterrent and we'll be able to try again.

Kind regards,
Dustin Campbell
Okanagan Pool Players

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