Carbon Fiber Playing Pads

Carbon Fiber Playing Pads

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Replacement carbon fiber pads for the OB-1/OB-1+, OB-2/OB-2+ playing Shafts (Pack of 6)

The OB-1/OB-1+, OB-2/OB-2+ shafts have a carbon fiber pad between the tip and ferrule. This pad is necessary to protect the ferrule and to keep the shaft covered under warranty. While they don’t have to be replaced each time you replace the tip, occasionally they do get cut down too thin and need to be replaced. We have detailed instructions on how to replace them along with a video here.

This package contains 6 pads that are large enough for either the 12.75mm or 11.75mm tip sizes we offer. They are 1/32″ thick.

If you need 1/16″ pads for our OB break shafts then please order them HERE.