Laminated Maple OB Ferrule

Laminated Maple OB Ferrule

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Our laminated maple low deflection ferrule is what put OB on the map in 2005. Up until now we have only sold them to cuemakers, cue repair pros and OB Dealers. For the first time, we are now making our ferrules available to the everyone!

Please Note: We still recommend that our ferrules should be installed by a professional cue repair person with a lathe. Also note that we strongly recommend that you also make sure that one of our carbon fiber pads is installed on top of the ferrule before the tip is installed. The carbon fiber pad will protect the ferrule from cracking. If you do not install a carbon fiber pad then there is a high likelihood that the ferrule will fail. You can purchase our carbon fiber pads for a playing shaft HERE and for a break shaft HERE

FYI, if you plan to install a tip that already has a pad whether clear or otherwise, you must still install a carbon fiber pad as they are the only pads strong enough to properly protect our ferrule.

For information on how to replace an Laminated Maple OB Ferrule you can click HERE